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Our Services

Pressure/Soft Washing
Bring your exterior surfaces back to life.  Walkways, front steps, driveways, garage doors, fences, entire residential exteriors, you name it.  Whether you are preparing to have your house painted, or are in need of post-construction clean-up, we are standing by.  Most people really have no idea how dirty something is before we show up.  Call today for a free quote!

Exterior Painting
Nothing uplifts the exterior of a home quite like a good paint job.  Investing in such a service can increase the lifetime of your exterior surface, the overall value of your property, and transform your place in ways you cannot imagine.  Free estimates available.  Call to schedule your today! 

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

You could extend the life of your roof and save money with regular maintenance.  By removing all kinds of organic growth (algae, mold, mildew, moss, etc.), you could extend your roof's ability to work properly.  Having a dirty roof can contribute to faulty shingles and costly repair or replacement expenses.  At the same time, clogged gutters can bring about an array of costly issues.  These two services are often overlooked by many homeowners.  Do not wait until it is too late.  Call to schedule a free estimate today!

Lawn Care 

The need for such service is obvious.  A well kept lawn is a must.  We understand the importance of regular maintenance so we design our rates with the intention of offering good, honest, reliable, and affordable services.  No need to break the bank. Feel free to say that again.  Call now to schedule a free estimate!

Disposal/Junk Removal  

Have you thought of getting rid of things you have not used in the last six months?  That is typically a reasonable amount of time something must go unused before that call is made.  Is it a couch that your lovely pet has gotten too fond of? Is it a fridge from your not-so-recent party animal days?  House clean-up? Tenant move-out? Construction/demolition clean-up?  Junk you cannot remember (or understand) why you bought in the first place?  We got you covered.  Call to schedule a time for pick up today!

Snow/Ice Removal

This is the last thing you should worry about before getting ready for work in the morning.  Do it - Stay in bed while we get the outside of your home and vehicle cleaned up and ready for you to head to work.  This service is a godsend for pretty much every adult in the DMV.  With most walkway/driveway combo clean ups start at $149, you can finally put that concern to rest.  Call now!

Moving (A+ Moving & Contracting affiliated)

Moving can be stressful.  Let our experienced group of movers help you relocate with as little hassle as possible.  Call (571)497-6781 to inquire about our 1 - 5 bedroom rates today!

Furniture Assembly

These seemingly minor tasks can become quite time consuming and inconvenient quite quickly.  We are here to help!  With rates starting at $69 per item (rates may vary depending on item size and complexity), our handy and resourceful team of furniture assemblers can make this headache go away with just one phone call.  Call now!

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